Gourmet Inspirations - Marinade Rubs


Get big taste from each of Gourmet Inspiration's 6 rubs.

Top Uses:
1. Kickn' Chicken - Simply sprinkle on chicken and bake/grill/slow cooker. Also great seasoning salt substitute.
2. Land n' Sea - Sprinkle on fish and chicken before cooking. Add to egg and potato dishes.
3. Smoke & Spice - Put on anything on the grill or smoker!
4. Veggie Fusion - Sprinkle of steamed or roasted vegetables for added colour, flavour and crunch!
5. Garlic lovers - Mix with butter to make garlic butter, add to sourcream/mayo to make a dip or add to mashed potatoes.
6. No Baste turkey - Mix with oil/butter and rub on turkey or chicken and bake! No basting required!