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Trivia Mix: Manitoba is a brand new kind of trivia game that's all about Manitoba! In Trivia Mix, you'll cycle between 10 styles of questions that bring trivia to the next level, all about Manitoba's inventions, attractions, celebrities, and more! Show off your knowledge and learn about our incredible province in this light trivia game for all ages!

Imposters is a tricky game of devious imposters hiding in plain sight! You'll try to collect cards by guessing which item doesn't fit into a specific category. Complete one easy, one medium, and one hard set of items to collect three cards and win the game! But be careful – these imposters are designed to fool you!

Seconds Left Kids is the same quick and fun game of Seconds Left but made a little simpler for all players, big and small, to enjoy! Give your team as many guesses as you can to help them guess the secret food, job, clothing … and more. You can even take a chance and act out the clue for double points! You are still racing the clock but now your little ones can too!

Trivia Mix: Hockey takes the format of Trivia Mix: Manitoba and brings it to hockey fans! With 10 styles of questions, this time it's... All about hockey! Test your knowledge on everything from players to mascots, pop culture to slang and much more! For hockey buffs and rookies alike, just in time for the hockey season!

Syllabuster is a fast-paced, shout-it-out game with almost no rules at all! Hear the prompt (something like "Name an animal with feathers") and race to shout out an answer before your friends – the first player gets the point, UNLESS another player can name an answer with more syllables! This silly, tip-of-your-tongue game is perfect to break the ice, start the night, or act as a filler between longer games.