Chocolate Butterfly Co. - 1980 - The Decade of Excess Candle

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Step into the vibrant and eclectic spirit of the 1980s with our fragrance, a celebration of excess, innovation, and a fusion of styles that defined the era. Our carefully crafted notes encapsulate the boldness, vibrancy, and unique character that made the 1980s an unforgettable period in history.

Fragrance Profile:

Top Notes: Sweet Raspberry + Grapes
Embark on a sensorial journey with the invigorating top notes of sweet raspberry and the succulent essence of grapes, capturing the energetic and fruity essence of the era.

Heart Notes: Tuberose + White Lilies + Jasmine
As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes of tuberose, white lilies, and jasmine unfold, creating a floral symphony that mirrors the opulence and glamour of the 1980s.

Base Notes: Sandalwood + Vanilla Amber
Grounded in the warmth of sandalwood and the sweet richness of vanilla amber, our fragrance reaches its crescendo, leaving a lingering trail that combines sophistication with the indulgent nature of the era.

Embrace the bold, vibrant, and eclectic aura of the 1980s with our fragrance—a unique olfactory experience that pays homage to a time of excess and innovation. Elevate your space with this blend, a testament to the spirit that defined an era of glamour and individuality.