Manitoba-Made Back to School Must-Haves

Whether you’re a student or not, the end of summer is hitting a little harder than usual this year. In this uncertain time, there are a few wonders we can turn to for comfort this autumn: a warm cup of tea...sunlight streaming through yellow leaves...a brand new notebook with crisp white pages—a symbol of a new beginning AND a must-have for documenting all your most intense pandemic thoughts with the emotional fury of a fifteen-year-old girl.

Whether you’re grabbing new gear for the kids, stocking up on supplies for online classes, or refreshing your stationery collection—we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favourite Manitoba-made school and office supplies:

Dreaming Tree Paper Company

These upcycled notebooks are too cool. Dreaming Tree Paper Company salvages the covers from discarded vintage books to make one-of-a-kind coil-bound notebooks that are perfect for any bookworm or aspiring author. Offering an impressive collection that repurposes covers from syllabus staples, childhood favourites, and delightfully retro oddities—you’re sure to find a notebook that speaks to you.

Julie Pedersen Designs

Store all of your favourite stationery in a ‘StufF’ bag from Julie Pedersen Designs. Each zippered pouch is made from discontinued designer fabric in an array of stylish colours and patterns. Adorned with the word ‘stufF’ in a charming typewriter front, these bags can be used for just about anything. Pens, toiletries, a bunch of fun-sized candy bars—whatever you need to make it through the day.

Handmade Pens 4 You

We all have that one pen sitting around the house: it’s ugly, it’s hand-cramp-inducing, it was free. We snag these pathetic writing utensils from convention booths and waiting rooms, forgetting that we deserve better. It’s time to start taking your writing utensils seriously. It’s time for Handmade Pens 4 You. Maker Ted Didora makes these beauties using a variety of wood and acrylic resin. A dream to write with and so pretty you wouldn’t dare misplace them, these pens belong in your next stationery haul.

Need a study snack or fall pick-me-up?

Don’t miss The Dream Factory’s Pie Party @ Home! Place your pre-order today and have your very own Birthday Cake Ice Cream Pie delivered right to your door. This outrageously delicious pie includes birthday cake ice cream, a confetti graham cracker crust, birthday cake pieces, whipped cream, sugar icing, maraschino cherries, and chocolate curls—all made with love by Good Buds Catering!

What makes these Dream Pies so special? The money raised from each order will help make dreams come true for Manitoban kids with life-threatening illnesses.

Each Pie Party @ Home order comes with a Dream Pie, an at-home party kit, and access to the virtual Pie Party. It gets even sweeter—the lovely crew at Exchange District Pharmacy will be matching each order to double the value of your donation!

You can do anything when you’re armed with a pen, paper, and pie. Best wishes to you and yours this fall.

September 24, 2020 — Matthew Molnar

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