Lindsey C.

Describing oneself can be a challenging task, but as I strongly believe in understanding the people behind the products in our store, it feels appropriate to share a little more about myself. 

Lindsey Cabato - Director of Operations

Lindsey C. - Director of Operations


I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as a first-generation Filipino. My parents immigrated from the Philippines and raised my sister and me here. While we didn't have many material possessions, we were enriched by our traditions, and family always held the utmost importance.

I am a dedicated wife and mother of two incredible young toddlers, aged two and four. They inspire me to pursue my dreams and embrace happiness. I want them to witness the limitless possibilities in life. They say they belong to me, but I prioritize their happiness above all else. Being happy enables us to be kinder to others and ourselves.

With a wealth of experience in retail, administration, bookkeeping, and management, it was only natural for me to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. Owning my own business is not new to me, as I previously operated a small tanning salon. Over the years, I have also collaborated with my husband on his ventures in marketing, printing, and the hospitality industry.

Crafting and the art of transforming ordinary materials into something unique has always ignited my passion. Taking over a business is akin to crafting, where I shape it into something purposeful and meaningful for others. Both endeavours bring their fair share of rewards and challenges.

As a woman and a person of colour, I hold deep significance in our representation in the realms of entrepreneurship and leadership. I take immense pride in embracing this role alongside my responsibilities as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend.

How I got Here

In 2018, my husband, Donavan, and I were running a small print shop in the heart of Downtown Winnipeg in the Richardson Centre, directly under the Fairmont Hotel, which was a division of Vantage, a marketing agency which Donavan focused the majority of attention on. Our connection with the Dream Factory, a children's charity, inspired us to find ways to raise funds during the holiday season. With unused space in the print shop and a steady flow of foot traffic passing by our storefront, we devised a plan. We decided to create a small shop and donate all the proceeds to the Dream Factory.

Although we weren't initially familiar with the Maker industry, we had a few clients who were local artisans with exceptional products. I reached out to them and proposed the idea of featuring their creations in our shop on consignment. We would sell their products, and a percentage of the sales would go to the charity. Although our time frame was limited to a few weeks before Christmas, we managed to raise $400. Despite the modest amount, this experience sparked something within us.

Across from our print shop, there was a vacant space that had remained unoccupied for years. Donavan approached the building's management company, Bentall, with an idea. We proposed creating a consignment store highlighting Manitoba-made products, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting children's charities in Manitoba. Excited about our concept, the management company approved the idea, granting Vantage access to develop the space.

"As we obtained approval and gained access to the space, I felt overwhelmed by the task of filling it with Manitoba-made vendor products. This world was unfamiliar to me. I attended various craft shows and local markets, always captivated and inspired by what I saw. However, the scale of this project made me question if I had taken on more than I could handle," Donavan expressed.

Coincidentally, during this time, Donavan connected with a gentleman named Jeremy while working on another project. Although that project wasn't suitable for the agency, Jeremy happened to share another endeavour with him. He was curating a social media page and website featuring over 200 local makers. The timing was remarkable. Donavan shared the consignment store idea with Jeremy, who expressed keen interest and brought his partner, Melissa, on board. Together, they collaborated to launch Made Here in 2019, raising $20,000 for local children's charities. They also created a haven where people could easily find locally made products, carefully curated under one roof, from Monday to Friday.

However, the subsequent years posed significant challenges. A flood in 2019, just before the holiday season, and the arrival of Covid-19 tested our resilience. While Donavan and Vantage, our agency, focused on maintaining all the company's divisions, it became challenging to give Made Here the attention it deserved. Countless discussions were held regarding the future of Made Here, and it became evident that its success hinged on someone who could wholeheartedly commit to the business.

With my background in retail and my involvement in my husband's other ventures, I gradually developed a stronger interest in Made Here. As I transitioned away from the print shop and Vantage, I dedicated more time to the store, offering my assistance. Surprisingly, I found immense joy in working there—interacting with customers and local makers, organizing the shop, and uncovering the stories behind each product. After careful contemplation, I made the decision to take full ownership of Made Here. On April 1, 2023, I took over operations of Made Here, ready to nurture its growth with passion and dedication.

Made Here - Thoughtfully Curated, Locally Made

At Made Here, our commitment to thoughtful curation ensures that stepping into our store guarantees an encounter with some of the finest locally-made products in Manitoba. Behind each product lies the passion and craftsmanship of talented individuals, and we believe in sharing their stories with our customers. 

To expand the reach of our thoughtfully curated product line, we are actively forging collaborative partnerships with prominent Manitoba organizations such as the Aviation Museum, Tourism Winnipeg, and the Chamber of Commerce. These partnerships enable us to bring our carefully selected products to a broader audience, spreading appreciation for local talent and creativity.

As parents to our own two young children—a two-year-old and a four-year-old—we remain deeply dedicated to supporting local children's charities. Moreover, we are passionate about fostering youth development through mentorship and internships at our downtown location. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with Met School students, and now, we aspire to establish a comprehensive mentorship program that connects young individuals with local artisans and makers, empowering them with valuable skills and experiences.

More Than Just a Store
At Made Here, our mission extends beyond offering exceptional products; we strive to make a positive impact in our community, championing local talent, and nurturing the growth of young individuals through meaningful opportunities.

We are dedicated to creating memorable experiences and spreading the essence of Manitoba's local craftsmanship to various events, organizations, and visitors.

Lindsey Cabato
Director of Operations - Made Here 


May 31, 2023 — Made Here

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