Boomerang 360 an Interview by Jyanne


Kylie Stomp is the amazingly talented creator and owner behind Boomerang 360, a screen printing online and in person store that specializes in making screen printed designs on clothing and more!


Kylie started her business way back in 2008, it only being a side hustle at the time. She sold her products at markets and festivals while also offering it online. 

Kylie was freshly graduated and had a graphic design job under someone at this time, but as she grew her business, she realized that she enjoyed doing her business a lot more and that she missed the creativity she just wasn't able to have with her current job. In the end, Kylie ultimately chose to continue running her business and end their current job at the time to focus more on Boomerang 360.

After initially doing smaller markets, they moved on to doing bigger festivals to then opening their own shop on 166 Hargrave street for the past 3 and a half years. 

As for future plans, Kylie is mostly working on the store itself, though she recently started a vintage line, selling clothing made out of upcycled clothing and adding their designs on them to create unique pieces! They are also planning on having a photoshoot for some new products, so be sure to stay tuned for that!


Back when Boomerang 360 was just starting out, Kylie’s first designs were of cycling, due to their love for the activity. At the time of her first market, Kylie had 6 designs that she had worked on over a series of a few months, but over the years, Kylie has had more time to perfect their craft and now offers many fun and fabulous options. 

When it comes to the design process nowadays, it usually starts with Kylie brainstorming and creating the actual design. This process is usually done through sketching, but once the rough draft of the design is completed, it is then imported into photoshop to further refine it. When Kylie is finally satisfied with the design, she makes it into a design file and starts setting up the screens for printing. Once that is done, it’s just a matter of printing the design on the desired product!


To end off our interview, I asked Kylie if she had any advice she would like to give. This led to us having a discussion, where her biggest piece of advice was to not be afraid to reach out to others. She mentioned that it was important to get out there and ask questions, and how most people are open on sharing their experience and offering advice! 

I agreed with her in a lot of ways, since I feel like due to the pandemic, people have become more self-reliant and closed off. We should all get back into the habit of talking to others and developing that sense of community. 

Kylie is a wonderful and amazing human being, the same can be said about her advice, so I feel we should all strive to make connections and just get out there!


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kylie for taking the time to sit down and have an interview with me! Kylie is such a lovely human being and as someone who is also interested in graphic design, I found our chat very interesting and an overall great experience! 

If you found Kylie as cool as I did, go check them out on instagram @boomerang_360 or buy their products either on their website “Boomerang 360” or stop by their shop on 166 Hargrave street, Winnipeg! 

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If you found this article interesting, stay tuned for more this month! Throughout June, I will be trying my best to interview queer makers here in Winnipeg and share them all with you!

So if you enjoyed reading about Jill, expect more to come!


- Jyanne - MET School Intern

June 28, 2023 — Made Here

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