Manitoba-Made Spring Essentials

At long last, the seasons are a-changin’!

The sun is shining, the river is melting, and the city’s sidewalks are covered in a soupy mess of what looks like a half-melted Coke Slurpee that someone’s been using as an ashtray. Winnipeg sure is beautiful this time of year.

Will another round of fresh snow hit us before the month is over? Probably. Will we be shocked and disappointed when it shows up? You bet. Nevertheless, we say let the spring celebrations begin!

First off, a few highlights from this past winter:

November 2020: Made Here launched its online shop. We made our entire stock available through our online store, just in time for the holiday season, and introduced our new curated gift boxes. Psst, these all-local gift boxes are available year-round. Check ‘em out.

December 2020: Our friends at The Dream Factory made an awesome dream come true for 15-year-old Noah, who is battling a chronic kidney disease. The Dream Factory hooked him up with a complete gaming system, including a deluxe gaming chair.

January 2021: We re-opened our shop doors after closing them at the start of the latest lockdown. It’s so good to be back in the shop with fresh merchandise on the shelves. We’re now open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at reduced capacity.

February 2021: After his dream came true, Noah wanted to help make more dreams possible. He participated in the 2021 Great Skate, which ran from Jan. 31 to February 7. Noah hit the ice and raised over $700 for The Dream Factory—ultimately contributing to the $12,000 raised during this winter event.

Manitoba-Made Spring Essentials: 

Itching to get back outside after a long, isolating winter? Check out these Made Here spring must-haves that’ll help you make the most of the nice weather.   

Sarah Belle Backpack by Earth + Hide. These stylish mini-backpacks are made from locally-sourced leather and are designed for max. convenience. With versatile straps and large, easy-to-access compartments, this day bag can fit all the snacks, sunscreen, and sanitizer you’ll need for a long walk or day trip. 

Mask Bags by Julie Pedersen Design. Stay safe and ward off the “mascne” (mask acne) with these cute baggies that let you store and separate your fresh masks from your used masks. A convenient carabiner lets you clip these baggies anywhere, so you’ll never be out and about without a clean mask. 

Mugging Whales Coffee. Fuel up for a day outdoors with coffee from one of Made Here’s newest vendors. Mugging Whales offers premium beans from The Bean Belt that are roasted right here in Manitoba.

Essential Oils by Dadirri Naturals. Throw open your windows and let that fresh spring air fill your home. Add more delightful and refreshing scents to your space with essential oils from Dadirri Naturals. These all-natural, high-quality plant extracts are perfect for aromatherapy and self-care.

You can help Andie's dream come true!

When she was 12 years old, Andie was diagnosed with cancer. Before her diagnosis, she was a very active kid, who swam competitively and had just made Selkirk’s club volleyball team. 

During her treatment, Andie missed out on sports, school, and time with her friends. She felt so insecure about her appearance, hair loss, and lack of energy. 

After four long months of painful treatment, Andie was cancer-free! 

With everything she’s been through, Andie deserves a dream come true. Her dream of choice: a pool. 

“I had to stop [swimming] due to chemo and being scared. I was scared to get back into the pool with no hair,” Andie says. 

The Dream Factory can’t wait to present Andie with an above-ground swimming pool in her own backyard. Here, she’ll be able to spend time with family and friends and get back to confidently doing what she loves. 

When you shop at Made Here, you help make dreams come true for kids like Andie. Thank you for your continued support.

March 11, 2021 — Made Here

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