Made Here’s 2020 Year in Review

It hasn’t been ALL bad. Two-point-five stars. Okay, that does it. See ya next year. 

What? You think 2.5 is generous? Sure, the small glimmers of goodness this year were overshadowed, totally eclipsed, epically upstaged by the sheer amount of not-goodness, but that doesn’t mean that those little glimmers can’t be celebrated. 

Here’s some 2020 goodness worth celebrating: 

Dream Kid Benjamin celebrated his 5th birthday with the LEGO party of his dreams! The unforgettable, at-home party included pizza, LEGO cakes and cookies, and all of the latest LEGO sets.

The Dream Factory’s 2020 auction, held virtually for the first time ever, raised $205,050 to help make even more dreams come true. 

The Dream Factory’s Pie Party also went virtual and it was a major success! Each delivery came with a Dream Pie (made by Good Buds Catering), an at-home party kit, and access to a virtual Pie Party. In total, 50 pies were sold and $5,000 was raised for Manitoban children with life-threatening illnesses. 

Some of Manitoba's strongest powerlifters came together to support some of the province’s strongest kids with Deadlifts for Dreams: virtual edition. Together, the Deadlifts for Dreams community raised over $30,000 for The Dream Factory. 

This summer, Bridge Drive-In and St. Leon Gardens teamed up to launch Lincoln's Lickety Split. The net proceeds from this berry-filled treat, plus additional direct donations from generous BDI patrons, helped raise $4,000 to support Lincoln's dream come true.

Dream Kid Karsen's family received an incredibly thoughtful gift through The Dream Factory’s Keep Dreaming campaign. That same week, Karsen had his best blood work day ever!

Josh Morissey, Aquatic Biologist Gabi Macklin, John Rush, Spiderman, Elsa, and many more came together for The Dream Factory’s Drop-In Dream Party. These regular virtual events have brought much-needed smiles and entertainment to kids and Dream Families this year.   

Even during incredibly difficult times, Manitobans came together to bring hope and happiness to kids in need this year. That deserves AT LEAST 2.5 stars! 

Remember: when you shop at Made Here, you help The Dream Factory make dreams come true—10% of all proceeds go directly to this spectacular organization. When you shop Made Here online, you can make a direct donation to The Dream Factory at checkout.

Explore @dreamfactorytour on Instagram to learn more about The Dream Factory’s incredible impact and see how you can get involved!

December 08, 2020 — Made Here

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