2021 School Year Survival Guide

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, or someone in your life is headed back to school this fall, a big year is on the horizon. 

Here are some school year tips and Manitoba-made goodies that will help start this semester off on the right foot.

Take Note 

No matter how tech-savvy your class is, some good stationery can help keep you organized and creative. 

Pen your to-do lists, document your lessons, or doodle away in these super cute notebooks from Paper Canoe

Looking for something ultra-fancy—a log strictly reserved for only the most profound discoveries and enchanting ideas? Debra Frances makes gorgeous handbound journals with exquisite details. 

Show Off Your Style 

The desire to roll up to class in your PJs is so real, but getting ready in the morning will help you shift into gear, feel good, and ensure you’re ready to tackle the day. 

These mini scrunchies by Sly Scarves belong in every book bag. Tie your hair back, show off that lovely face, and keep pesky strands from falling in your face while you’re deep in your fav book. 

Face masks from Cherish Designs will keep you safe and stylish throughout the school year. 

Love to accessorize? Glitter and Leather makes sophisticated earrings that are perfect for everyday wear. Subtle but snazzy!    

Fuel Up 

A growling stomach when the whole class is dead-silent for a test? Not cool. A good breakfast and lunch is a must for a long school day. 

The Stak Co. offers a line of Grade A beans (grown in Manitoba, of course!) that can be transformed into tasty and protein-packed meals.  

Scientific Sweets makes diamond- and Winnipeg-shaped cookie cutters that will revamp your school snacks. Little ones will love them, and for older school-goers: a mid-class cookie is always a good idea. Plus, it’s not an ordinary cookie—it’s a scientific sweet! You should get a bio credit just for eating it.  

Be Kind 

This school year might feel strange, but just remember that you’re not in it alone.  

A card can mean so much to a new friend, a favourite teacher, or a hardworking colleague. Klassen Kards offers sweet designs for birthdays, special achievements, or “just because”.   

Customized Gift Boxes Are Available! 

Our custom gift boxes let you create a one-of-a-kind school year survival kit packed with Manitoba-made must-haves. 

Build your custom gift box online or swing by the shop and our team will help you put one together.  

Proceeds from Made Here go to The Dream Factory to help make dreams come true for Manitoban children with life-threatening illnesses. Kids like Wynter—a bright and resilient 4th grader who dreams of visiting Niagara Falls.
August 24, 2021 — Vantage Developer

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